A new model for buying, conserving and valorizing video art.



Uploaded works are converted in a lossless archival copy, an exhibition copy and a web stream copy.



Once the works are locked they can be assigned, consigned or transferred in ownership in real time.



Works can be shared and enjoyed in a secure manner in curated channels on ARTPLUS.TV.


End-to-end solution

Crafted to inspire. Built to be shared.

The ARTPLUS platform presents a complete new way to handle video art. The players resides on top of a suite of technology layers that offers protection of works by means of encryption/decryption in real-time, a hybrid blockchain-based ownership registry, and an automated backup of archival copies.

These innovative technology layers generate contracts and certificates in real-time during transactions and offers a variety of exhibition templates to securely share the works, both online and offline.

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Unlock video art

Enjoy what the best of technology has to offer.

Following more than two years of intensive research and development, we bring you a first look at ARTPLUS, the swiss-knife of players for video art.

Designed for video art lovers who want to extend their passion into the cloud with the minimum cost but maximum functionality and security.

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Safe & Secure

The ARTPLUS platform presents a complete new way of handling video art through its innovative technology layers.

On any screen

Stream and locally display collections and exhibitions in native Apps on most common screens and projectors.

Easy transfer

Transferring ownership of video art, including contracts and COAs, in real-time is now as easy as sending an email.

Share & Trade

Create on the fly private viewings and exhibtions with autodestruct timers build in. Increase sales via artplus.tv.

Hassle free conservation

All works have an “archival original” copy for future lossless conversions. No more hassle and obsolete formats.

Unparalleled realm

ARTPLUS TV is the platform to publish video art with a novel invite only reach of the world's leading collectors and art lovers.




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